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If you are looking for a Parker Tree Service Jacksonville NCreputable, top-performing tree care service in the local area, you have come to the right place. Parker Tree Service has been providing remarkable tree care service for decades now, and we continue to innovate our techniques and service offerings for our clients’ satisfaction. We live by our philosophy of making every customer a happy customer with our quality service. We provide a complete range of tree care offerings for both residential and commercial properties. We have our customers’ five-star rating in different review sites to back our claims. 

We take pride in our commitment to excellence and dedication to excellent customer experience. Our team of expert and experienced arborists are at your service to cater to your every tree needs. Whether it is basic tree maintenance or a more complex emergency tree removal, you can count on us to perform it with utmost care and professionalism. Call Parker Tree Service for all your tree-related requirements. We can offer our same-day estimate to help you decide on the condition of your tree. Our team is always ready to provide you with expert tree care.  We strive to be the tree service Jacksonville, NC property owners call when they want quality tree care.

About Jacksonville Tree Service

Parker Tree Service has got it all for you when it comes to professional tree care service. Everyone in our team has been trained and has ample years of practical experience in the field. We are up-to-date with the latest techniques in climbing and cutting to ensure safe tree care practices. Your security is on top of our priority list which is why we make sure to be fully insured and licensed to assure you of zero liability in the event of an accident in while we work in your property. A company that doesn’t have insurance puts its customers at risk of financial and legal liabilities. At Jacksonville Tree Service, you can have peace of mind that you are fully covered in case unprecedented events happen. 

The use of equipment is indispensable in our line of work, which is why we invest in the best quality equipment available in the market. While this equipment can be costly, we understand that it is key to a more efficient and safe tree care service. All our wood chippers, stump grinders, and trucks are new and well-maintained. Further, we have knowledgeable staff members to operate them according to manufacturer’s standards. 

We offer our service to both residential and commercial properties and provide the same level of customer care and unmatched tree care. Regardless if you have a single tree that you want to be trimmed or several trees you want to be removed in your commercial property, you can rely on us to get the job done. We own the right equipment and employ the best people to complete the task successfully. Our service cost falls on the average, but this doesn’t speak of the quality of our job. We believe that excellent tree service can be affordable and that’s what we provide our customers.

    Tree Removal Jacksonville NC

    Trees reach the end of their lives earlier than expected at times. They may have to be removed due to a number of reasons such as when it is dead or rotting, severely damaged by wind or ice, hazardous to your property, entangled to utility lines, a nuisance in your landscape, or hindering other plantings from growing. Whatever the reason may be for tree removal, Parker Tree Service can help you with the task. We are fully-equipped, highly skilled, licensed, and insured, so have confidence that we are your best option for the job. 

    No two trees are the same; that is why we treat each case differently from the other. We make sure to perform tree removal according to the specific needs of the tree as well as other considerations, including its location and other risks involved. We carefully draft a plan specific to your tree before taking any action and execute this plan well. Our team begins tree removal by cutting the large limbs near the canopy of the tree. We then safely lower the wood to the ground where the rest of our team will cut them into three-foot segments. We can stack the wood anywhere in your property or dispose of them, depending on your preference. Our lead cutter will continue cutting the main limbs until we only have the trunk to deal with. We will reduce the height of the trunk down to a level best for stump grinding. If you choose to leave the stump around, we can cut it to a height you desire. While we’re on the job, our ground crew will make sure to pick-up all tree debris and other dirt so the area would be as clean as it once was. We encourage you to use a professional tree removal service to avoid the risk of injury and property damage. Call the tree removal Jacksonville, NC property owners depend on for safe, efficient tree service. 

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    Tree Trimming Jacksonville NC

    Tree trimming is a vital tree care maintenance often neglected by property owners. Trimming is beneficial to trees for many reasons, such as eliminating dead branches and limbs that pose a hazard to your property and safety. Trimming doesn’t only help avoid accidents, but it also facilitates good health among trees. Cutting away certain limbs can strengthen and promote better growth for the branches. Tree trimming is also critical to keep limbs away from buildings, homes, and utility lines. Last but not least, it improves the aesthetics of your tree by preserving its natural shape and preventing it from growing wildly. 

    Landscape trees require trimming because they don’t have to compete with other trees for sunlight and water, which is why they tend to grow in every direction. Trees growing wildly can lead to different issues, but they can all be solved by trimming. Ideally, trees should be trimmed every three to five years to avoid overgrowth. 

    Another form of tree care routine is pruning. This method is less aggressive and aims to improve the growth and health of the tree. Regularly pruned trees more likely don’t have to be trimmed now and then. Tree trimming and pruning are our specializations, and we have seen hundreds of trees benefit from these approaches. Don’t leave the task to just anyone because a wrong cut can go a long way in the deterioration of a tree’s health. Parker Tree Service will skillfully trim your trees and improve its overall health and aesthetic.

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    Having an unsightly stump in your yard is inevitable after tree removal. While some homeowners use these stumps artistically, most typical property owners prefer having them removed. Tree stumps attract plenty of problems such as pest and insect infestation which make them a potential danger to your property and safety. Also, stumps rot over time, which will make them even more of an eyesore to your yard. 

    We provide both stump removal and stump grinding services to our clients who want to get rid of that ugly stump in their yard. Total stump removal entails unearthing the stump together with its major root system out of the ground. This method is ideal for areas where foundational work is required, such as the construction of buildings or homes. However, this method can cause damage to your landscape and the surrounding area, not to mention, much expensive than stump grinding. On the other hand, stump grinding is the more popular choice for most homeowners because of the lower risk it poses in damaging their landscape. It is also a much cheaper option that is why it is our clients’ go-to solution to get rid of a stump. With stump grinding, we use our state of the art stump grinders to grind the stump below ground level and get it out of sight. This method will suffice if all you want to do is to replant the area with sod or seed.

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    We know the hassle that comes with uprooted trees following a storm. For this reason, our emergency response team is available at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know that the first thing in your mind after an intense storm is to clean your property with all fallen branches and other tree-related debris so that you could go back to doing your typical activities. We want to alleviate you of stress by responding to your emergency as soon as possible. Our team is known for being the first ones to arrive at the scene every time an emergency arises. The moment we get your call, we will immediately deploy our team to your property so we could assess the damage and get the job done right away. We can be in your property after two hours from your call and clean all tree debris in eight hours or less. We can eliminate all downed and uprooted trees, but if there are trees that can be salvaged, we will do it. Our team will haul all wood away, or you can use them as firewood in the cold season while other tree debris will be put into our chippers. Before we leave your place, we will make sure that all scattered wood and debris have been taken care of. You can have peace of mind that once we’re done, your yard will look as good as new.

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