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Tree Pruning & Trimming Service

One should not overlook the importance of tree trimming for the overall welfare of their trees. Whatever the species of the tree, it needs proper maintenance for it to thrive in the years to come. Unfortunately, this is usually neglected by property owners. Not having regular tree trimming can be as bad as doing it in the wrong way; that is why it is best to leave the job to the pros. Regular trimming doesn’t only promote good health. It also benefits the aesthetics of your tree. At Parker Tree Service, we have expert arborists who can help your trees get the most of trimming. We are experienced, efficient, and experts in the area of tree trimming. 

Some property owners try to do their tree trimming only to realize that they have done more harm than good to their trees. This is because they lack the knowledge and the right tools to take on the job. We only use the method set by ISA and TCIA, so you can be assured that your tree is in good hands. 

  • We only trim ¼ or less of the tree’s crown in a year
  • The side branches should remain 1/3 of the circumference of the main trunk or each trunk, for multi-trunked tree
  • Never top a tree
  • Cut side limbs to 1/3 segments of the tree’s trunk

Tree Trimming Jacksonville

If you want to trim your tree, considering that they are young and are not that tall and difficult to reach, use these guidelines to help you do the job better:

  • Leave the strongest and healthiest limbs when trimming. You can trim the limbs around these vibrant ones to encourage continued development.
  • Smaller cuts VS more significant cuts. Regularly trimmed trees don’t need large cuts. If a large cut is required, make sure to do it on an interval and not in consecutive seasons. 
  • Don’t use dull trimmers or saws because the cut they make can expose your tree to diseases and infestation.
  • Use a pole pruning saw or trimmer for higher limbs. This also keeps you safe on the ground because you don’t have to climb up the tree to reach the limbs.